VW Camper Models Guide

VW Camper Models – A Guide For the Confused A Little VW Camper History

VW Camper Type 2 Split Window 1950-1967

This was the first VW camper adapted from the VW bus (known as the Samba) – which itself was adapted from the VW panel van. You’ll recognize the rounded VW camper van with the sweeping V molding on the front, the huge VW badge, split windscreen and big round headlights as the classic VW Camper.

Production of the first generation, ‘split-screen’ Transporters known as the type 2, (the Beetle was type 1), started in Wolfsburg for the 1950 model year with a tiny 1100cc air-cooled engine developing borrowed from the Volkswagen Beetle. By comparison, today’s Transporter has a choice of four TDI PD diesel engines from 1.9 litres to 2.5 litres.

Volkswagen imported the first VW Camper van to the UK in 1955 and a year later, transporter production moved to a new factory in Hanover. The campers were fitted out by Westfalia, a coachwork company who worked in partnership with VW for many …

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My First Volkswagen Beetle And John Muir

When I got my first Volkswagen Beetle I was still a teenager. I had wanted one for a long time and had somehow always felt a connection to the old VWs right from the start. I just love the look and feel of the air cooled Volkswagens, especially the 21 window bus and the older Beetles.

My first car was not a VW. In fact I went through several “water buffaloes” before getting myself an air cooled bug. At one time I was driving an 8 cylinder Dodge Ram. That old truck, as best as I could figure, got around ten miles to the gallon. One day I was driving that truck up into a ‘holler’ in southeastern Kentucky and I saw a green VW with a “For Sale” sign. I stopped to talk with the guy and to look at the car.

The critter turned out to be a 1974 Super Beetle with some bad engine troubles along with a lot of other ails and pains. I had gotten my hands into grease and …

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Buying A Fixer Upper Air Cooled Volkswagen

If you are reading this then chances are that you either own an air cooled Volkswagen or you want to. No one can blame you for that! Classic air cooled Volkswagens are the best cars on the road!

If you are thinking of getting yourself an old VW you have to decide which type and how much money you can spend. Beetles are the easiest and lowest priced VWs you can get as long as you aren’t particular about the model, however they still aren’t cheap. Whether you decide you want to own a bug, bus, karmann ghia, or other VW you will next need to know your price range budget.

If you can afford it and you just want to have a nice car right now then shop for one that is in excellent condition. Many people prefer to buy a cheaper car that is a “fixer upper” because they enjoy crafting and restoring an air cooled car back to life. Before you decide to buy a “fixer upper” look deeply into yourself and …

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