Getting the Brakes Lined Out

Before I make this thing go I have to be able to make it stop!

Snow Bound Beetle

Life, work and weather have gotten in the way a bit so I haven’t done much to the car lately. I am reading and making lists and preparing to get to work on it though. I am still learning a lot about the 1967 one year only stuff.

At the moment I am working on an order list for the brakes. (About $250.00 with shipping from Keiths Auto Parts – 1-800-RACE A VW)

Including what I have already ordered:

  • Master Cylinder
  • Brake shoes for front and back
  • 4 Brake kits (Springs and all that stuff)
  • Brake cylinders for all 4 wheels
  • All new brake lines
  • Brake hose for the reservoir to master cylinder

Old Rusty Brakes

With all this I will have some good working brakes. I am also ordering new wheel bearings while I am at it.

When I pulled off the front wheels I saw brake shoes that were literally falling apart. The pad separated from the metal and rust dust everywhere. This stuff just fell apart in my hands.

There was a lot of use left on those shoes when the car was parked but that must have been a long time ago.

Found Some Original 1967 Items

I have been shopping a little in classifieds.

I have found a good used driver side seat from a 1967 Beetle. I think seats from 66 up to about 70 would technically fit but I am glad to have found the right one. Now, that just leaves a passenger side and a back seat. I reckon if you just have one seat it may as well be on the driver side right?

I also found a fuel tank from a ’67. So, I have a seat coming from Georgia and a fuel tank coming from California. The original cars have been parted out but they will instill new life into my old project.

Books I have obtained

I also got a few catalogs:

JC Whitney VW catalog
California Pacific JBugs
Wolfsburg West

The Wolfsburg West catalog is great. It is very useful as a guide to help you figure out what fits what. They charge 4 bucks for the catalog and you get $4 off on your first order. I think the book is well worth $4 just for the info and pictures it has.

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  1. Mike McDermid says:

    I have also just bought a 67 vert and am learning of it’s many hidden treasures (rust/rot). I check in here to see your progress and for inspiration. Keep up the good work!

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